Uncategorized February 25, 2012

Is There a “Best Time To Put Your House On The Market”

Recently 3 different people thinking of selling their homes asked me, “Is there a best time to put your home on the market?”

The answer is “Yes.”  The best time to market your home is exactly when you and the house are ready.

What is important is to have a good game plan and take the necessary time for preparation.   It is more important to have the house ready than to worry about the time of year you put it on the market.

If the home isn’t market ready, it won’t matter what time of year you put it on the market because it will require a longer market time and a longer market time will result in a lower sales price.

The work you put into getting the home ready will pay off in the end.  It will also make your move go more smoothly because you will already have cleaned and decluttered.  Pre-pack things you won’t need during the marketing stage.  Donate things you no longer want.  These are activities that will reduce the time it will take you to pack for your move when your home sale closes.