Home ownershipReal Estate News February 27, 2013

What To Do Before the Home Inspector Arrives:



Sellers who want to ace a home inspection and get top dollar for their property should focus on correcting any deferred maintenance issues before putting their house on the market.

·         The impact of doing nothing:
Let's be honest, not many home sellers want to spend good money fixing up their home right before they put it on the market. “et the new owner fix those things, “ they say. But the truth is, very few buyers today are interested in purchasing fixer-uppers—which is why homes with deferred maintenance and repair issues can take longer to sell, can be subject to last-minute sales cancellations, and often sell for less than their legitimate market value.

·         The proactive approach:
To expose all the items that need maintenance or repair, consider getting professional home inspection of your own. Or at least get a feel for what inspectors look for by downloading a few sample inspection reports from some of the home inspection service websites.  To put a price on each to-do, ask reputable contractors to provide written bids.

·         The good news:
Not everything needs to be fixed. In fact, your best bet is to focus only on the issues that are most likely to cause the greatest concern for prospective buyers.  Best of all by following a proactive approach like this, you can rest easy knowing there will be no deal-breaker surprises when it comes time for the buyer’s home inspection.