Home improvement May 20, 2013

Use a Salvaged Tub to Turn Your Backyard Into a Soothing Oasis

By Annie Thornton on AOL Real Estate

When a lilac tree died in Sloan Schang's yard in Portland, Ore., last summer, it left behind a blank corner. It also provided him with an opportunity. A secluded backyard spa appealed to Schang, a writer and creative director, but the $6,000 bill required for the necessary electrical work and a new hot tub sounded less than pleasant.

So Schang constructed his own backyard bathhouse — in less than a week and for less than a sixth of the price — with a salvaged claw-foot tub. "My wife was appropriately skeptical when I proposed putting a bathtub in the backyard," he says, "but she was sweet and trusting enough to just let me run with it." Let's see how he did it.

Project at a Glance
What: Backyard bathhouse
Location: Portland, Ore.
Size: 7 by 10 feet
Budget: $750, including labor and materials