Seattle is nation’s 10th-fastest moving residential real estate market

May 23, 2013, 5:27am PDT on  Puget Sound Business Journal by  Contributing Editor- Puget Sound Business Journal  Email

With 47 percent of its homes selling in two weeks or less in April, Seattle is the nation's 10th-fastest-moving real estate market, and the third fastest outside of California.

Seattle-based Redfin ranked the nation's top 23 markets in April for how fast homes are selling, and San Jose, Calif., topped the list, with 65 percent of homes there selling in two weeks or less.

Raleigh-Durham, N.C., and Philadelphia tied for being the nation's slowest-moving real estate markets, with only 10 percent of homes there selling in two weeks or less.

In Seattle, 34 percent of homes sold in one week or less in April, which only trailed the housing market of Washington, D.C., where 37 percent of homes there sold in one week or less. Seattle had 52 homes sell in 24 hours or less; Los Angeles led the country last month, with 236 homes selling in a day or less.

Nationally, Redfin's survey determined that 33 percent of homes in April sold in two weeks or less, and 20 percent sold in one week or less.

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